How loyalties gain customers?

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When restaurateurs connect on an emotional level with customers business tends to grow To set your restaurant for growth prospect keep words and feelings with customer benefit points
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Customer loyalty has really gained a lot of significance for restaurants today. According to National Restaurant Association, currently 30 per cent of all restaurants offer some form of loyalty program. Research shows that 57 per cent of adult consumers are more likely to visit restaurants that offer loyalty program to its guest.

When restaurateurs connect on an emotional level with customers, business tends to grow. To set your restaurant for growth prospect, keep words and feelings with customer benefit points.

“We have seen a huge growth in business after our successful loyalty program, it's just how you use it and on our anniversary we generally give free beer to clients who are registered with us in prime events. It’s just members who are allowed and I think giving customers few points on bill is highly recommended”, shared Jasneet Sahni, Owner of Lanterns Kitchen & Bar.

Customer programmes

Restaurants now, encourage implementing this new-reward point system that will offer incentives to customers. It is a way to promote your restaurant and have the same customers keep coming back to you. This will show a larger number of customers with loyalty promotion programs, but this is the best way to encourage repeat customers.

It is always the loyal customers who come back to you. Building loyalty is not a new concept for restaurants, but the strategy used in to build loyal customers over the years. On this note, Kalpit Gandhi, CFO of Vadilal Group states, “We have a loyalty program on. The objective of the program is to drive frequency of walk-ins and to promote new and promising categories”. At present, one of the most common loyalty programs is simple point system. In this, customers earn points frequently and are translated into reward points. It can be discounts, perks or special customer dealing and customers can redeem these points, whenever they visit next to restaurants.

Marketing Tactic

As customer’s outlook has changed in digital world and today’s customers want to feel exceptional for the money and time they spend on food and restaurant. Therefore, many restaurants offer customer’s name on membership card and send through email. This is a low-cost advertisement and marketing strategy.

Social media is used by many restaurateurs to share regular updates of their restaurant, from special offers, new menu, pictures for dinners. Those restaurants, which provide onsite dining integrates numerous new technology. It grants value addition, mobile payments and cash back rewards to people. These programs help restaurants to plan marketing plan.

“We have a loyalty programme, which has been designed by our marketing team to retain our customer base and have been using capillary solutions for it. Customer will also have some free points from every last purchase, which will make him drive to café”, pointed Anirudh Poddar, Owner, Chai Break.

Hence, loyalty programmes have shown great results how to attract customers so that they revisit restaurants more often.

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How loyalties gain customers?
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