Gurugram's First Vietnamese Hip Bar and Dining Restaurant

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Viet-Nom is the brainchild of Manish Sharma a seasoned restaurateur who has already tasted success with Molecule and Drunken Botanist
  • SARA KHAN Feature Editor
Viet-Nom is the brainchild of Manish Sharma, a seasoned restaurateur who has already tasted success with Molecule and Drunken Botanist.

The journey of Vietnamese palate from the pre-historic times to the present day has witnessed its evolution from hunting to domesticating the wild, from being gatherers and foragers to farmers and settled cultivators. Vietnamese food in the diaspora, touching upon the nostalgia by cooking traditional Vietnamese dishes as an effort to recreate the feeling of home ‘through taste’.
Vietnamese food is one of the most varied and seductive on the planet – a delicious mix of the food of its colonial visitors and age-old native flavours and techniques. Many forces of climate, trade, history and immigration have influenced Vietnamese cuisine.
The newly-opened Viet-Nom, Delhi NCR’s first authentic Vietnamese Hip Bar and Dining embodies the spirit of Vietnamese culture for its sentimental patrons. Situated in one of the prime locations in Gurugram - Cyberhub, the restaurant reflects the journey of seasoned food critic Rupali Dean and Chef Vaibhav Bhargava’s experiences while they toured the country extensively that provided them with an infrequent chance to absorb Vietnamese ethos through its exclusive gastronomy.  
On experimenting with flavours, they relished on some of the most renowned dishes from the Vietnamese cuisine like tempura battered catfish, Cassava Salad and Prawns with Garlic Sauce. The food had a less spicy, lighter tone. A typical Vietnamese meal may include soup, rice, grilled or steamed meats, a vegetable dish, fresh fruit and salad, and the restaurant aims at bringing out all of it placed on the table at once
Viet-Nom is the brainchild of Manish Sharma, a seasoned restaurateur who has already tasted success with Molecule and Drunken Botanist. With Viet-nom, he forays into the space of premium dining with specialised cuisine. Viet-Nom goes beyond its exquisite food, it's a “deep dive” into the shared cultural history of Vietnam that speaks volumes about the extensive research done by Sahil and Rupali.
To delightful epicurean odyssey, Viet-Nom brings the selected favourites from the vibrant culture of Vietnam offering quintessential dishes made from ingredients as ordinary as fish sauce, sugar and rice. To elevate your taste buds their kitchen churns out dishes like ever-popular bánh mì, photo sticky rice dumplings. Not only this, Rupali and Chef Vaibhav have incorporated a blast of typical Vietnamese in the menu with the signature dishes like Vietnamese stewed beef, Bo Kho, Lemongrass pork skewers- Banh hoi thit nuong, pancake filled with shrimp & pork- Banh xeo. Not to mention, the street food is eaten in Vietnam mainly for morning and afternoon tea. Dishes like white rose dumpling banh bao banh vat, shrimp mousse on sugarcane skewers, Hoi An chicken rice   Com Ga Hoi An and likes. 
A wide range of alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages, the restaurant is a pioneer to introduce Vietnamese coffee preferably consumed with Banh Tieu Donuts. To create an overall experience authentic, the bar is inspired by Vietnamese and Asian classics with modern infusions for a tipsy thrill. One can sense a mix of the colonial and contemporary feel of the country in every sip.
Inspired by art melded with funk and earthy hues, Viet-nom boasts intricate and soulful interiors, art oozing out of the resplendently painted walls and pops of yellow & green while providing cosy seating space for the guests. Viet-nom packs a punch of nostalgia with a beautifully designed fresco area and a full decked bar churning out exotic tales and cocktails from Vietnam.

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