How Christmas deals benefit restaurants

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To celebrate the occasion restaurants are bombarding their customer with great deals and offers But what benefit a restaurant gets from it is not known to the masses who are enthusiast to get seasonal deals
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What is special about this time of the year? It’s the nip in air woven-in with the warmth of the season of giving! Christmas is here; it’s time to raise a toast to rejoice the season of bliss and merrymaking. Keeping up with the festive spirit, restaurants in the country are all set for a joyous celebration that is likely to make even ‘The Grinch’ warm up to it.

Be it fine food, exquisite ambience or contributing to a noble cause, every aspect of the celebration has the essence of Christmas ingrained in it. To celebrate the occasion, restaurants are bombarding their customer with great deals and offers. But what benefit a restaurant gets from it is not known to the masses, who are enthusiast to get seasonal deals. A restaurateur is either benefitted or has to pay some extra bucks to get the feel of the celebration. Let’s have a closer look:

Getting regular customers

The deals and offers that we get on a lunch or a dinner buffet is not actually what we think. Restaurants shower all these deals to make their customers comeback, as they feel that these offers give them a chance to save some penny.

Restaurants like Salt Water Cafe and Smoke House Deli are not only bombarding customers with deals, but have taken an initiative like ‘My Wishing Tree’ to bring the warmth of Christmas to the kids at Aseema at the break of the dawn on Christmas Eve.

Starting 15th-31st December 2014, each Salt Water Cafe outlet will have a unique Wishing Tree planted on its premises. Here’s the little twist; instead of leaves, these trees sprout ‘Wish Tags’, each thoughtfully penned by the excited kids at Aseema!

“The exciting menus that we put together at Salt Water Cafe and Smoke House Deli help in keeping our regular customers excited as well as building new ones. During the festive season, individuals spend more; they tend to eat out frequently and are also looking for festive dishes to indulge in. With evolving taste buds and customers open to experimentation, there is always a need to satisfy them through constantly updating the current menu, adding special menus from time to time and playing with season specific ingredients. This helps in building excitement and also delivers a change in flavours and offerings,” says, Shobita Kadan, President-Marketing, Impresario Entertainment and Hospitality.

Strategies adopted by restaurants

Restaurants have geared up to target the right clientele during the festive season. Restaurants are alluring customers with lunch and dinner buffets, hotels have come up with festive hampers for Christmas and New Year. Meanwhile, they are very smartly using technology by placing themselves right in the social spectrum through Facebook and Twitter.

Cremica, one of the largest food suppliers in India is tweeting about their recipes and methods of cooking cakes and cookies for the celebration by using its own syrups, sauces, chocolates and other products. The smart strategy that the food industry is adopting is to target the right clientele by making them regular at their outlets getting some extra penny.

Experts are of the view that these deals are all about communicating the special menu to the regulars and also spreading the word through various powerful social media channels.

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How Christmas deals benefit restaurants
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